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Ethiopia is a country for outdoor-oriented people where so many open-air activities can be enjoyed.

The opportunities to enjoy the attractions of Ethiopia, while participating in a favorite pastime, make a holiday in Ethiopia even more fun.

The apostles cast lots to determine the replacement for Judas.

Proverbs says, “The lot is cast in the lap, but its every decision is from the Lord.” What would the Bible say about casinos and lotteries?

At the same time, the fact that money is wasted on other things does not justify gambling. Excess money should be saved for future needs or given to the Lord's work, not gambled away.

While the Bible does not explicitly mention gambling, it does mention events of “luck” or “chance.” As an example, casting lots is used in Leviticus to choose between the sacrificial goat and the scapegoat.

It was made up of 24 states elected by the UNESCO’s general assembly and chaired by Yonas Desta Tesgaye.

He is the next speaker He is the next speaker on this video and is introduced by Diretube’s presenter as the director of the Ethiopian Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage (ARCCH).

The meeting is open by Worknesh, [last not known], of the Federal Government Communication Office.“Our country Ethiopia is home to many ethnicities,” begins this Diretube Amharic production about the Ethiopia’s Gadaa social and governance system which towards the end of 2016 was inscribed on the representative list of the Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.This landmark recognition has been the cause of not only congratulatory remarks and joy among Ethiopians but also renewed efforts on the part of the Ethiopian government's cultural authority to increase the preservation and development of this age-old Ethiopian democratic institution.Scripture also encourages us to stay away from attempts to “get rich quick” (Proverbs ; 23:5; Ecclesiastes ).Gambling most definitely is focused on the love of money and undeniably tempts people with the promise of quick and easy riches. Gambling is a difficult issue because if it is done in moderation and only on occasion, it is a waste of money, but it is not necessarily evil. Gambling is no more or less of a waste of money than seeing a movie (in many cases), eating an unnecessarily expensive meal, or purchasing a worthless item.In English, Bengali refers to both the language and the people who speak it.