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Tennis player gabriela sabatini dating

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Kournikova, 20, is today's affluent tennis glamourpuss, a Sabatini without singles trophies.Such a pity."My feelings are exactly the same as with Gabriela," Apey said. You don't get to be in the top 10 as long as Anna unless you're a good player.In an interview with L’Equipe, he admitted that he had violated his normally monastic training routine and gone clubbing in Miami. It led joking reporters to observe that perhaps Gasquet had kissed Martina Hingis, who tested positive for cocaine and retired rather than fight a two-year suspension.But he said he had had just a couple of drinks and he suspected somebody must have spiked them. But Gasquet refused to go away quietly like the demure Swiss.

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By the time of Roland Garros in late May, Gasquet started amplifying his denial and announced that he intended to appeal the case and overturn his two-year suspension. As an excuse, that ranks up there with “the dog ate my homework” or the Twinkie Defense in Harvey Milk’s murder.

In 2000 he was cozying up with a gal named Maital Saban, and the same year he courted Ines Misan.

Their relationship lasted about 2 years, by our estimations.

Indeed, he kissed her more than once, he maintained.

Though never identified, Pamela was said to be a cocaine user by some sources — and a good girl by others.