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Every four minutes a whistle blows and the men change places.And you're off again, introducing yourself to a new person. me) it reminds me of being a teenager at the school disco again, but as soon as we start, the nerves are gone.And I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering what on earth I'm doing here.The women are seated, usually at numbered tables, around the room while the men work their way around the tables.Probably Gareyev will aim for 50 if the display can be organised. Black would have to try 1 c4 Bxf2 but he doesn’t have enough compensation for the lost bishop. Can you find the clever winning sacrificial tactic he missed? In today’s puzzle she was a pawn down, but White’s pieces are congested on the a file. Harriet Hunt v Almira Skripchencko, Calvia Olympiad 2004.

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Then it's our turn to go in - and meet a room full of single, available women. This is speed dating, what the tabloids call the latest craze sweeping Britain - and now it's arrived in Shropshire.It took him 23 hours, and he wore an actual blindfold while riding an exercise bike.For decades the legendary Miguel Najdorf, who played 45 opponents at once in Sao Paulo 1942, held the record until the German Fritz Lang raised the bar to 47. Gilbert was one of the brightest rising stars of English chess, who tragically died when in sight of the women’s international master title and a few months before she was due to start her medical degree course at Oxford.In today’s puzzle Gareyev (Black, to move) elegantly defeated his highest rated opponent. Today’s puzzle features Wei Yi’s most brilliant and unusual move at Wijk. America’s Xiong, 17, is the best player in the world for his age but he came unstuck in today’s puzzle against his Canadian grandmaster opponent. Sergey Karjakin v Levon Aronian, Tata Steel Wijk 2017. 2 Kxh3 Qh4 3 Kg2 Qg4 4 Kf1 Nh2 5 Ke1 Rfe8 and wins.10973 1 Bxa6! The game ended 2 Rb1 Qxb6 3 Rxb6 Bd6 4 Bb2 Rde8 and White resigned. gxf4 6 Rxf4 and Black resigned since he will be at least a piece down.10970 1 c4! Magnus Carlsen v Anish Giri, Tata Steel Wijk aan Zee 2017. The Cambridge scientist won the competitive world junior (under-20) girls title, and is still ranked among the world’s top 50 women.This looks just a routine opening position, so neither grandmaster expected or looked for a winning tactic. fxg3 (if Bxa6 2 d7 and queens) 2 hxg3 Bd7 3 Bb5 and Black resigned since he loses at least rook for bishop.10972 1... allows the d8 rook to be captured with check, but if 2 Qxd8 Kc4 ! He is two pieces down and will soon be mated.10971 1 Rxd5! gains material as Black cannot escape the doubled and discovered checks and the threat to his b7 queen. Today’s puzzle features the most embarrassing blunder of world champion Carlsen’s career. Alexander Onischuk (US) v Sahaj Grover (India), Merida, Mexico 2016. Alas, she has sharply reduced her tournament activity in recent years and no longer leads the England women’s Olympiad team. Winter was an eccentric, a Communist who drank too much and did not look after himself. (better gxf6 3 Bh6 Qg7 4 Bxg7 Kxg7 although 5 Re7 gives White an endgame edge) 3 Rxe2 gxf6 4 Bh6 Kg8 5 Re3! Jon Speelman v David Howell, London Classic Super Rapidplay 2016.There are loads of fish all over the UK, so if you are recently single or even a long term singleton; don't worry because as the old saying goes: there are many more fish in the sea FREE to register - we let you sign up completely FREE!