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He's also the co-founder of School for Poetic Computation.

Mariana is a visual storyteller, who did groundbreaking work as a member of the interactive team at The Guardian in London.

We expect many of the attendees to be part of supergroups presently, but we encourage those who are considering joining or forming a supergroup to attend.

You've finished the heavy lifting and your practices have merged. Pediatrician Susan Sirota will discuss the opportunities that emerge from centralizing revenue cycle services, enhancing revenue, and expanding clinical initiatives.

Audiometry is the testing of a person's ability to hear various sound frequencies performed with the use of electronic equipment called an audiometer. The equipment is used in health screening programs, for example in grade schools, to detect hearing problems in children.

Some causes include hearing loss, neurological disorders, brain injury, mental retardation, drug abuse.

Since then she's co-founded Unicorn Interactive, and Chicas Poderosas, a digital training community which brings women journalists to technology in media. She's a part of Complex Movements, a Detroit-based artist collective supporting the transformation of communities by exploring the connections of complex science and social justice movements through multimedia interactive performance work.

Molly is a design, architecture, and media scholar.

In 2016, PCC hosted the first-ever Pediatric Supergroup meeting.

We convened nationally prominent pediatric experts to share and address the concerns that are particular to pediatric supergroups.