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Trouble updating my ps3 with 2 10

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So basically avoid that damn update cuz it must have issues. I updated my PS3 and it turned it into a giant screensaver. Another reason PC games and Nintendo when friends are over is the way to live. Thanks for letting us know man, I hope there is no irreversible damage done to your system.

I'm not sure why I was prompted to download it already. : DThanks to GB for existing because I was using google to try and find the problem and then I found this. Because I'm a fucking mad-man I braved the waters and updated and can confirm I successfully did so. Just wanted to throw out a not so ominous result from updating.

I phoned the PS3 Helpline earlier this morning and I was the first one to tell them about this problem apparently.. Youtube have upgraded their flash and PS£ systems dont support it. :(well ive downloaded flash player, but the problem is when you go on a site you need flash player for it still comes up with for this site you need flash player please download or something like you havent got the plug- ins or somethning along tthose lines can someone help me with getting msn messenger on ps3 please..

"Some have been able to temporarily fix this problem by disabling USB devices and certain drivers, but we realize this is in no way ideal," Ubisoft writes.

That sucks though duder I hope you at the very least had save backups in the cloud or on a USB stick? I haven't had to update either, but it's been a few hours since I was on my ps3. I even just tried plugging my controller into the system and the controller won't even turn on then. Must not be mandatory though because I never got prompted to update.

I might just leave it off for the rest of the night and see if this firmware update is killing everyone's ps3s. Like it killed the controller too or can't find the PS3 or something. For what its worth though looked on Game FAQS message board and there was one guy who was complaining about the same thing.

GG devs, u're really "smart guys", if this will help!

Yestrday i bought the watch dogs for ps3 and inter the in the ps3 .. The game is constantly loading or the save is loading?