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A smaller horn sprouts just behind the tips of its blunt muzzle.Certain of its scales grow in sharp ridges sweeping back along its face, growing ever larger down its back and even along the crests of its powerful wings, giving the red its unmistakable spiky appearance.

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I find so much happiness in figuring out the psychological reasons behind why a child acts a certain way and then helping him overcome it. Also, this is most likely the system that my students will use with other teachers in the future so I want them to be used to it.t’s funny, I spend so much time reminding people that ‘regular’ soil worms are not well suited for worm composting, yet here I am talking about raising ‘earthworms’.Be assured that the term ‘earthworm’ refers to a wide assortment of different worms, including those used for composting, and does not in fact solely refer to the ‘worms of the earth’ (aka the soil dwellers).My aides go to specials and lunch with my students so even when I am not with my class, my aides are able to provide the direct reinforcement.They can be consistent with or without me in the room and consistency goes a looong way with my kiddos!In the past I have used a variety of classroom management techniques and nothing has ever been as motivating to my kids as Class Dojo. Once the kids start understanding the difference between a green choice and a red choice (usually after a few weeks) I take away the behavior cards and switch over to Class Dojo.